Geneva 2017

The Geneva International Motor Show is going on this week. It’s generally regarded as the greatest auto show in the world, and I would kill to attend it to see the new Italian exotics alone.

One of the biggest headlines this year is the 2017 Porsche GT3. The GT3 has regained a manual option, so all is right again in this world. The GT3 in my opinion sets the standard for all other drivers’ cars, as it vies for Car of the Year awards with alarming consistency.

The above link is a walkthrough of the car by Andreas Preuninger, the head of GT cars at Porsche and one of the world’s leading experts on engineering drivers’ cars. This is unfortunately a rather short interview with Andreas, but here are some gems from the past, describing two phenomenal recent Porsches.

The launch I was most looking forward to, though, was that of Ferrari’s successor to the F12berlinetta, the 812 Superfast. As with the rest of its current line, the 812 was penned in-house by Ferrari, unlike the F12 which was of course co-designed with Pininfarina. The 812’s styling is controversial, though I actually like it in the metal, much to my surprise. I didn’t care for the surface detailing of the F12, so Ferrari has “fixed” its front mid-engined GT in my mind, at least if you’re looking at the rear from above. Aerodynamics is not doing any favors for taillight design these days…